food waste

Blog entry | Apr 24 2018

Food waste is a continual issue in the United States.

Blog entry | Mar 01 2018

It’s (finally) March. The month where we celebrate St. Patrick, college basketball, spring and, if you’re a registered dietitian, March madness is all about National Nutrition Month.

Blog entry | Dec 21 2017

Imagine all the food in your fridge and cupboards right now. How much of it is likely to end up the trash?

Blog entry | Dec 13 2017

Ever thought about all the “travel steps” needed for food to reach your plates? We’re talking about before you buy it in a store or order it off a menu.

Blog entry | Nov 14 2017
Blog entry | Sep 06 2017

Are you confused about “sell-by,” “best-by,” or “use-by” language and dates you see stamped on the packaging of your favorite foods and beverages? You are not alone!

Blog entry | Aug 23 2017

Food waste is a huge issue piling up on the world’s dinner plate. And, while the U.S.

Blog entry | Jan 09 2017

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to reduce my food waste.

Blog entry | Dec 15 2016

Back in December of 2015, we made some predictions on what 2016 would bring in terms of food trends.

Blog entry | Nov 23 2016

With the holidays upon us, I am getting so excited about which recipes my family is going to focus on for our feast.

Blog entry | Oct 18 2016

World Food Day is an important time to recognize the pressing need to end world hunger and food insecurity.

Press Release | Oct 13 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C.—By some estimates, up to half of all the food produced on the planet—a

Blog entry | Aug 18 2016

When it comes to my Tuesday evenings, there’s always one show I tune into, "Chopped." If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show where four chefs compete by using an unusual combination of ingredients to

Blog entry | Jun 22 2016

This past weekend, I treated myself to a sunrise hike up Old Rag Mountain in the Shenandoah National Park. And it was spectacular.

Blog entry | May 11 2016

Sunday nights are the only part of the week that matters for me during the next three months when HBO’s “Game of Thrones” airs.