Are there any proven health risks associated with biotech food?

Consumer 1: The health risks have not been fully looked into, as far as I know, yet or evaluated. You really don’t know.

Consumer 2: If the FDA approves it, I feel it must be OK.

Consumer 3: If modified food is available for people that don’t have access to fruits on a regular basis, what’s wrong with it? And if they’re safe.

Consumer 4: You know, as a woman I’m very conscious of gender-specific cancers and I would love to know from my doctor what are some types of cancer that actually are related to consuming GMO’s.

Dr. Kleinman: There are no cancer risks associated with agriculture produced through biotechnology, none whatsoever. For thousands of years we’ve been breeding plants to modify the genes in them so that we can have fruits and
vegetables that are safe and healthy. We’re now using the latest generation of biotechnology to modify the genes in the foods to make them even safer. Genetically modified foods today use the latest generation of technology to produce healthier foods, and we can now be even more environmentally responsible as we grow these foods.

Dr. Green: As an obstetrician, my patients are really concerned about the safety of a wide variety of substances from even the vitamins they take to the air the breathe to the water they drink. They’re also very concerned that their children are safe, and one of the questions that they ask, of course, is about the safety of the food supply. And I feel very confident that biotechnology has done a great deal to help us have safer and healthier food.

Dr. Kleinman: In contrast to what some people think these foods aren’t simply created overnight. They take 5 to 7 years or sometimes even longer to be developed. So there’s plenty of time to look into any issues of safety that might arise.

Dr. Burks: Certainly the medical community for a long period of time, really the whole time that the foods have been developed for the past couple of decades and beyond, has been involved in thinking about the proteins that we put into foods and then the effects of those on the health of the population, whether it’s from a nutritional standpoint or an allergic standpoint. Personally I’ve been involved for almost two decades in studies that have really shown that these proteins  that we put into foods are safe and the new foods that we make are equally safe. I’m comfortable eating foods like this because I know what the process is and how safely it’s been set up to study those foods.


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