Are foods produced through biotechnology safe for children and pregnant women?

Consumer 1: I would think that children and pregnant women should avoid
genetically modified foods.

Consumer 2: It could be a little bit different with children just because they have more sensitive immune systems.

Consumer 3: Has the medical community studied these foods, and are they safe for pregnant women?

Dr. Kleinman: As a pediatrician and someone who takes care of children and often is speaking with moms who are pregnant, I feel that these foods are completely safe for children. I personally have reviewed the safety data and the evidence that’s put together when these foods are about to be put into the general marketplace, and I find that these foods are completely safe. There’s no evidence that foods produced using biotechnology pose any risk to children or
pregnant mothers.

Dr. Green: So many pregnant women are so worried about so many things. I mean everywhere they turn there’s misinformation about the things that can cause problems. Everything from lying on your back for four minutes to walking out in smog, and it just causes a tremendous amount of undo stress, and that itself can be a problem in pregnancy. And, so, I think it’s important that we identify things that truly can be harmful, while not whipping up all kinds of concerns about things that have ample evidence that they cause no harm. So there should be absolutely no concern for children or for pregnant women who consume foods that have been developed through biotechnology.

Dr. Burks: It is true that children have a different immune system. It evolves over time, but that’s a really positive thing. It’s not deleterious or negative aspect of kids and how they might digest or see these new proteins. Those effects have been studied really well. We’ve set this system up so that the people that grow the foods, the people that produce the foods, the government, us, all of us together are responsible for making sure that the foods that we give our population, our kids, our mothers, all of us, what I eat is safe. So that whole system that we’ve set up together is to ensure that we eat safe foods.


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