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2019 Sylvia Rowe Fellowship

International Food Information Council Foundation
2019 Sylvia Rowe Fellowship Award:

Internship in Nutrition, Food Science and Communications

Revisiting the Food Innovation Summit

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, families travel far and wide to be together and share a great meal. As we make our menu lists and prep our kitchens for the big feast to come, we may often take for granted the various food production practices that are utilized to make a bounty of food available in our local markets and stores.

A Primer on Protein Powders

Walk into any dietary supplement store and you’re likely to see a whole wall filled with nothing but protein powders. It seems like there are more varieties than the number of pounds that The Rock can bench press. While many people might grab a protein shake once in a while before or after a gym session, how much do we really know about them? How are they made?

Gut Check: Prebiotics and Probiotics [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hear so much about eating to improve our “gut health.” These conversations almost always involve a discussion about foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics. But what exactly are they? Where can we find them? And do they really benefit our health? Read on for the details.

Newsbite: Chocolate Is Good For You: A Sweet Truth or a Bitter Lie?

Imagine this: You’re browsing the internet and you come across an article saying that chocolate, your favorite sweet treat, is actually good for you. Is this information just another case of junk science that’s too good to be true? Not quite: This claim is based on science that says a small amount of chocolate each day may help prevent cognitive decline. A recent review article discussed on Martha Stewart may be the answer to all of your chocolate dreams.

Report Summary “Clean Label Values among Millennials and Generation Z”

Download the Report.

The 2018 report by Modor Intelligence estimates the global clean label market to reach $45.6 billion by 2023, and individuals interested in eating clean will ultimately shape and define what clean eating is all about.

Getting Schooled on Food Safety

Healthy growth and development are among parents’ top priorities as they consider meals to prepare for their children’s school day. For many parents, aiding proper development involves taking necessary precautions to ensure that while their kids are away, they are mindful of food safety habits to prevent foodborne illness.

(Eating) Tools for Success: Whole Grains

“What did you learn at school today?”

As we transition into fall, parents can expect to hear their school day inquiries met with everything from early childhood answers detailing every occurrence to adolescent rebuttals of “… nothing.”

Natural vs. Added Caffeine: What’s the Difference?

As you sip on your morning latte, consider that the consumption of caffeine is rooted in antiquity, dating back to ancient times, shrouded in centuries of myth and legend. When chronicling the history of caffeine, it’s difficult to separate the apocryphal from fact.